The History Of Easy Soft Is The History Of Personal Computers

The History Of Easy Soft Is The History Of Personal Computers

When Easy Soft started offering legal software programs in 1986, the personal computer was if not in its infancy, certainly in kindergarten. Microsoft had just debuted on the New York Stock Exchange and their software included the first versions of Windows and Excel. IBM was producing their first laptop computer and Intel had just launched the 80386 processer. Computers were approximately 1% as fast as modern machines, rarely had hard drives and the internet was still little more than a curiosity to most people.

A business letter was more likely to have been produced on a typewriter than a computer printer. Most ledgers were still kept on paper rather than on spreadsheets. However computers were slowly evolving out of the “expensive game machine” stereotype and some foresighted businesses started to realize how much potential these little machines had.

This is when Easy Soft started to produce their first law practice management software products . Of course due to the limited computing power our early efforts were quite a bit less capable than our modern offerings but we did the best we could with the technology of the time. You see we really believed that law practice management software would fundamentally change the way law firms operated.

Initially we got some resistance. Attorneys didn’t completely understand these magic boxes. They weren’t sure they could trust that our law practice management software was as reliable as an underpaid paralegal. Some firms saw our products as amusing rather than useful. So we set out to educate them.

As computers developed, so did our law practice management software. As our software evolved, so did the respect we started to get from our customers. The more our products could do, the more essential they became to the attorneys who used them. And as practices discovered the value of our applications, they told others and soon we started to build a reputation in the legal community as a provider of the best legal software .

Then one day, computers were everywhere. It happened so fast it was over before we knew it. Over a span of just a few years PCs went from toys for nerds to essential business tools. The internet transformed from a venue for dirty pictures and arguments about Star Trek to a vital medium for information and business transactions. New law practice management software vendors popped up, but we had the benefit of years of experience in the field.

Easy Soft law practice management software isn’t done evolving. As technology changes we will grow with it so we can always offer the best legal software options to our customers. Most recently we’ve released cloud versions of all of our desktop products, and we are exploring other exciting innovations even as I write this.

Find out more about Easy Soft’s cutting edge law practice management software by downloading a demo or contacting one of our representatives today.

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